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It all started with a need: we wanted a better way to leverage our group's passion and support our cause.

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Like most great tools, EventRunner was created after its maker realized a problem and started working on a fix.
When Tunc Kip was elected as the 2014 President of the Atlanta chapter of JCI , he was thrilled to start working more closely with the group, which includes over 100 diverse members from a variety of professions and ages.
This presented a great opportunity. At the time, the Atlanta Jaycees faced a challenge with fragmented communication that prevented the group to fully realize their ability to do good work and grow as an organization. So driven by necessity, Tunc began building EventRunner feature by feature to solve the problems faced by many other non-profits.
First, Tunc built the the kiosk. Before the kiosk, the group still welcomed all attendees to events, but had no convenient way of knowing which attendee was an active member. And once the event kicked off the event, another challenge was the lack of a consistent way to record information about attendees. 
Now, the kiosk helps the group identify attendees right when they arrive, save money for the organization, make the paid members feel recognized, and provide a fair platform for our active members while the guests feel like they are paying for something professionally put together.
We always knew the importance of engaging with members and maintaining active communication with each member individually, especially by the board members. The lead to the second capability Tunc developed, referred to as the call list. 
Prior to this feature, the group didn’t have the critical visibility to who is being contacted and by whom.  In the previous years, the measuring stick for this activity was merely a verbal “Yes, I called.” Now the group is able to verify when each member has been contacted and hold callers accountable for staying in touch.
Next, Tunc realized that the group needed a member directory so that members are able to contact each other through one portal. This capability is a critical mile-stone both for EventRunner as for the users of the platform. With the addition of this feature, members now have way to reach out to one another while presenting their profiles to maximize the benefit from being a member.
Eventrunner is now on its way to being the most powerful and simple group management tool available. We’ll continue to build and hone out new features carefully to make sure that our users — like you — have an easy, scalable experience. We’ll help your group be better.

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