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Tunc Kip

Tunc Kip

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tunc has a background in Computer Engineering, and he worked on true 3D displays during his school years. He then continued onto his International MBA where he learned various concepts of leadership, coaching, team management, proven problem solving techniques, and trained on Six Sigma. He has leveraged his Six Sigma knowledge in multiple industries ranging from supply chain, finance, manufacturing and service. In several projects, he has combined his software knowledge to deliver platforms embedded with Six Sigma concepts.

Over the recent years of his participation in non-profit organizations, Tunc realized the importance — but lack of — a platform for non-profits to engage their membership effectively, capture interest from guests, and convert it all into direct benefit for the organization. Furthermore, he realized the need for an automated platform that can organize communications and connect membership to help the individuals focus on the cause itself. This resulted in the creation of EventRunner.

Timo Kip

Timo Kip

Co-Founder & Chief of Super Awesomeness

Timo Kip, formally known as Timucin Kip, is an organization and project management expert. A mechanical engineer by trade, he has worked on various product development projects where he ensured that all the ideas coming from different teams joined together seamless to create the final product.

Timo  has also worked on several products found in known online and printed marketplaces such as Skymall Magazine. He dove into specializing with Apple® products while working for Incase in San Francisco, California. When he isn’t working on EventRunner, he works as a senior mechanical engineer who plays a critical part in product design in the corporate products division for Logitech Inc.

Through the knowledge he holds on team management, organizational structures, and product development, Timo has been a great resource and provides significant contribution to the evolution of EventRunner.

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